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Name:Music Videos on DW
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Community description:Music Videos
Remember when MTV ran music videos? Now channels dedicated to running music videos 24 hours a day are becoming a rarity. Those of us who used to watch those dedicated channels feel the emptiness that comes with missing out on the newest music videos and the loss of exposure to new music.

This community is for all who feel that they just don't have time to surf the internet in search of the newest sounds. It is for those that want the convenience of music videos piped right into their reading lists.

Posting will be prevalent, so you may want to filter this community from your reading list. That way it will serve as a dedicated "channel". Or just stop by when you need a video fix. For the time being, I will be posting about three to four videos on days that I post, just to get a back log of videos for people that want to come in just to watch a few right now. This will ease up when community becomes more active.

We do have a video archive! You can access it by following this link: Video Archive. This archive will allow you to enjoy past posted videos without scrolling through the community page by page.

While all members can post videos here, there are some rules to abide by.

Rules (may be revised at whim):

1. Absolutely no fan made videos, amvs, lyric videos, etc. Only official videos or PVs apply.

2. Discussion is encouraged in comments, but please be civil. Do not be rude or bash someone else's musical interests. If you can't say something nice then don't comment.

3. Live video recordings at the local renaissance fair or clubs are not permitted. These recordings are not made with the recording artist's blessing and therefore will earn you a warning and a deletion of your post. However, music videos that feature live performance as their intended medium are acceptable.

4. All genres are encouraged - be nice about this.

5. Embed the video if you can or link to outside site - all comments about the video that you make in the post should be placed under a cut (including lyrics, if you feel the need to include them). The community is about the video and that should take center stage.

6. Do notify me of broken links, so that those videos can be replaced or removed if necessary

Posting Instructions

Subject Line - Artist and Song
Body of post - embedded video (any commentary goes under a cut)
Tags - Tagging will be by genre and year of release. Genre tagging is based on listing of the song during a simple search.

Above all - enjoy the videos, have fun, and be excellent to each other!

About Your Mod:

I am a self-proclaimed music junkie. In fact, I have music on in the background of whatever I am doing whenever I can. My digital music collection is approaching massive proportions and I may one day need a terabyte drive just to support that collection alone. I am may be a little obsessed, but I prefer to say that my brain works better to music than to a cup of coffee.

I am old enough to remember a time before commercial home video releases. I have lived through the life and death of vinyl, 8-tracks, cassette tapes, and now, inevitably, CDs as we blast full speed into the digital age. I have seen the advent of programs like "Friday Night Videos" and their demise as MTV came on the scene; watched as MTV went from Headbangers Ball, 120 Minutes and Yo! MTV Raps to a more reality-based commercial programming line up. VH1 became a haven for a time for the videos that I wanted to see and even that channel fazed out a lot of their music video programming (much like MTV). Fuse isn't even satisfactory and not every cable company offers that channel.

So, here I am, starved for music videos - old and new - much like those community members who find themselves here. What I can offer you is a wide variety of video "programming" searched out via the internet. I keep a keen eye on the music charts from around the world, subscribe to several music video services like VEVO (though I dislike their ad service before some videos), and am always interested in the latest new sound. My taste in music runs far and wide, so what you will get is a smattering of music from all corners of the world where music videos can be found and accessed.

I hope that you enjoy your time here and find some new music to tickle your humbugs or music videos so cool you just have to show your friends!
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